Thursday, October 9, 2014

Asari Opens Up On Alleged Involvement in the Smuggled $9.3m

Since the APC alleged the possibility that ex-Niger Delta militant leader Asari Dokubo was among those that was caught with the smuggled $9.3million in South Africa, many have been waiting to hear from him.

Speaking from his current base in Saudi Arabia, Asari denies involvement in the deal. He said:

"Can you enter any country without a visa? No person can enter any country without a visa. Presently, I am in Saudi Arabia performing my Hajj as the Amirul Hajj of Bayelsa State and this can be confirmed. I flew Flynass from Kaduna on September 27. 

"So, it is really a shame that Lai Mohammed who has defiled the name of Allah has become a pathological and award-winning liar. 

"Nobody enters any country without a visa and I have not been to South Africa since 2002. I flew Arik airline from Lagos on the September 27 and went to Kaduna where I flew Flynass airline and came to Saudi Arabia."


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