Thursday, October 30, 2014

23 Year Old Nigerian - British Lady Dies In Thailand During Buttock Surgery [PHOTOS]

'Carying and funny': Joy Williams, 23, died on october 23 after travelling to Bangkok for buttock augmentation surgery

See the effects of low esteem and bullying? Really sad.....

The family of a British girl who died while having cut-price plastic surgery in Thailand have revealed that they didn't know she had gone abroad.

Joy Williams, 23, from Thamesmead, was described as a 'caring and funny' girl who was 'loved by everybody.

She died on October 23 after travelling to Bangkok to have £2,000 buttock augmentation surgery.

Speaking yesterday from his home in Lagos, Nigeria, Miss Williams's older brother Anietie, 28, said he had been looking forward to her visiting him in Nigeria this Christmas.

He said: 'We don't really know what went wrong, we only know what is in reports in the media.

'She was a very nice and caring person.
'She brought joy to people's lives.
'She was a beautiful girl, loved by everybody. We will miss her so much.'
He added that the family were still making preparations to bring Miss Williams's body home and that his brother was planning to fly to Thailand and return to London with it.

Miss Williams, who was born in Lagos, settled in Thamesmead with her mother Christie in 2007 and had been to Thailand twice before choosing to visit for surgery.

She initially visitied to the SP clinic, which she found on the internet, on October 14 to have the operation which she hoped would give her a bigger, fuller bottom.

A few days later her wounds became infected and she returned to have corrective surgery to remove the silicon implants.

But she was found dead on the operating table with a three inch-long stitched incision on her tail bone after medical staff found they were unable to resuscitate her.

Thai officials investigating her death believe her operation had been delayed to ensure Miss Williams had not eaten anything beforehand and that as a result the operation began after the clinic's legal closing time of 7pm.

It is believed Miss Williams had long struggled with her self-esteem and been bullied at school before choosing to undergo an operation on her nose to improve her looks.
While in Bangkok she had been staying at the £11-a-night Vabua Asotel hotel which is used by the clinic as accommodation for its patients.

The doctor who carried out the procedure, Sompob Sansiri, 51, was later arrested and accused of negligence after it was found that he had been carrying out night-time surgery without a licence.

He has now been charged with recklessness causing death and could face 10 years in jail if found guilty.

The clinic has been closed for 60 days while investigations are carried out.
Thailand is a world-leader in cosmetic surgery tourism with many companies offering procedures at discounts of up to 60 per cent.

The industry earned the country £2.68billion in 2013 alone.
The most popular procedure in Thailand is dental work such as teeth veneers but customers can purchase packages for breast implants, face lifts and even hip replacements.

Young British women are increasingly going to extreme lengths to get the perfect bottom.
Inspired by the likes of Kim Kardashian more women are undergoing surgery in order to get the same gravity-defying look.

Research from, a private healthcare search engine, shows that enquiries for buttock augmentation surgery have doubled in a year.

Figures for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) show that fat transfer operations - where fat from the stomach and thigh is removed and reinserted into the buttocks - have risen 13 per cent.

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Young British women are increasingly undergoing surgery in order to get the perfect bottom. Pictured is the SP Clinic, where Miss Williams was found
The 24-year-old was found on the operating table of this clinic in Bangkok after apparently falling unconscious during a procedure on her tailbone
Doctor Sompob Sansiri, 51, is lead away by police after Miss Williams died at his clinic
Doctor Sompob Sansiri, 51, is led away by police after Miss Williams died in his clinic
Doctor Sompob Sansiri claimed to have trained in the U.S. and been practicing since 1998, but he is now facing ten years behind bars


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