Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 5 Highest Paid WWE Divas In 2014

Wrestling is one of the most deadly games in sport, apart from that fact everyone loves the excitement it brings. It has become more interesting with the introduction of the feminine gender called the “Divas”. The WWE has since become one of the most searched subject matter on the internet.

Apart from their fighting skills and display in the ring, these “divas” get all the attention they need due to their sex appealing bodies. Today, they make money in the ring and outside as commercial models. Here are the top five highest paid divas in 2014.

5. Lita
Lita has definitely had an action filled career at WWE, suffering numerous injuries in the ring, and subsequently taking much time off. Nonetheless, that hasn’t seemed to affect her popularity or her net worth. Lita can claim a net worth of two and a half million dollars, and a career at WWE spanning six years.

4. Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix didn’t only  gain attention in the WWE world when she became the highest earning diva in 2011 but she has body to die for – a body that has endeared her to her fans. With a net worth of over three million dollars, Phoenix stands at the fourth position with a mouthwatering income and a sexy body.

3. Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly hasn’t been with WWE for long, not even on the terms of a WWE diva, but she has still become one of the most powerful divas in the business, with many considering her to be the most beautiful diva currently, in or out of the ring. All in all, she has a net worth totaling over three and a half million dollars and one of the highest paid divas on Raw.

2. Mickie James
Even though fellow diva Trish Stratus is considered to be the greatest WWE diva of all time, Mickie James can still claim a net worth of one million dollars more than her. Although 2014 is expected to be her last year working as a WWE diva, she is still expected to pull in around four hundred thousand dollars as a salary. And beyond her earnings, James can also boast of six championships. As far as WWE divas are concerned, Mickie has without a doubt, had one of the most solid careers of all time.

1.     Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson perhaps has the highest net worth of any WWE diva: a staggering eighteen million dollars. She previously worked at WCW for two years, starting in 1999, before moving to WWE afterwards. She has also appeared on the most magazine covers than any WWE diva in history, and many consider her to be one of the most beautiful WWE divas ever to fight in the ring.


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