Monday, September 22, 2014

See The Nude Selfies Photos Of Rihanna ,Kim Kardashian,Gabrielle Union, & Meagan Good That Leaked

This one unending wonder that does not amaze me anymore , some way or some how stuffs like these always find their way out

No Privacy is really Private , Nothing is really locked , No ICloud account is safe.

Remember last month when Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and dozens of other actresses had their nudes photos leaked online after their private information was hacked? Then there was Jill Scott a few weeks later. Now, some of our favs, like Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Meagan Good have been victimized by the hackers who are out to expose every celebrity woman out there.

Unlike nude photos that are leaked for "publicity," these photos capture some of these women in their most private moments, which were supposed to be meant for their eyes only, or the men they were dating. They included mainly Facetime screenshots, mirror selfies and photos taken of them by their boyfriends.

Well let me not stress the matter too much , like I always tell my girls If you are not ready to face the trials and tribulation of a Leaked Nude pics or video don't take or record ,

The hackers are just trying to send us a message , Your privacy may not really be has private as you think .......