Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meet Geemark, The Lyrical Magnet


You know, its funny how that saying about versatility being the spice of life totally holds true, the more variety, the stronger the captivation. Good music no doubt proves this saying addicting various individuals with its different genres and aspects.

Today we present an individual who doesn’t just believe in being in the game but going all out for it, he is Orji ifeakachukwu Mark aka Fakus but goes by the stage name Geemark an artist, a songwriter, producer and dancer.

Geemark right from his university days at Delta State University was already deep in music; he was one of the founding members of a dance group known as “Expressions”. Alongside dancing, he was also an artiste who produced his own songs.

Talking about when the 24 year old started music he says, “Music for me started a longtime ago, I've been singing since I was a little boy in the days of tape recorder (jokes), practicing with songs I heard and bought their tapes because I loved them, I can say music is in the system, it runs in the blood.”

However Geemark states that music started professionally in 2010 with his R&B Single- “Ololufe” and a second track titled “The Way She Rolls.” As an artiste who describes himself as  a versatile artiste who can fit into anywhere, just two words can be used to describe his kind of music,- “Good Music” as he simply terms it,  with traces of hip hop and pop.

Notably, the determined young dude has been to a lot of shows and has mounted stages across the country, according to him-“I've done lots of stage performances, here in Lagos, Delta state and Benin city... also had a freestyle session performance at the SSMA awards 2013 pre party which was a great exposure for me.”
Of course even geniuses have to be inspired constantly and for Geemark he says –“My inspiration comes from my feeling at a particular moment in time... It all depends on the kind of song I'm making... So I'll say it comes from the inside.”

Currently not signed to any record label, this aspiring big time artiste says the reception has been good with eager fans looking forward to his album.  Speaking of amazing joints and his role models, in his own words he says, “2 baba leads the league”.

Commendably Geemark believes in vision and dreaming big regardless of the challenges as he ends with a mental sneak peek into the future – “I see an amazingly bright future ahead because I've got all it takes to carry on.”

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