Sunday, September 21, 2014

Man Puts Baby In Cooking Pot For Meal: Video Spurs Saudi Public Anger

There was an uproar on social media after a video clip of a small baby who was placed inside a cooking pot with vegetables and placed on the cooker was circulated online, Al-Hayat daily reported.
Several online viewers have demanded an investigation into the incident and to identify those involved in making the clip.

The video shows what seems to be a Saudi national preparing lunch in a pot placed on the cooker with the baby inside, speaking in Saudi dialect, saying: “That’s what we are having for dinner today. This what we will eat today.”

The man was apparently speaking to his children who were heard in the background while a female voice was also heard saying : ‘Wait… just a minute.” "This fried food will soon be ready," while lifting the pot lid a number of times to stir the food with the child inside.

Many said whoever made the clip did not respect human life or the innocence of the baby and called on Saudi authorities to take stern action against the culprits.

Others commented that human rights bodies should intervene, even if the clip was made in humor, because some children might try to copy the actions of those in the recording.
"If this had happened in another Western country, the baby would have been taken away from that person," said one tweeter.

The head of the Human Rights Commission, Khalid Al-Fakhri, described the clip as a "gruesome" violation of the baby's rights.

He said under no circumstances a baby could be used in such a manner to make people laugh. The official called for anyone who has information about those responsible for the recording to report the matter to the concerned authorities urgently.



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