Tuesday, September 9, 2014

List Of Celebrities Who Look Much Older Than Their Age [PHOTOS]

Many don’t like to disclose their age, especially women. But for those that don’t care what people think and decided to disclose their age, you will hear people argue that the age they revealed may not be their actual age. People term such age”football age”.

These celebrities kinda look older than their ages.


Don is 31 years. He was born on November 1982.
Don Jazzy once said that people think he’s quite older and older women toast him because of that. Hear him:

“My face is hard and a lot of people try to guess my age. Some said I’m 35, 36, 37, 38 years. Some even said I’m 39. The fact is that the name Don Jazzy is always respected and they see me like an old man. I actually get advances from older women.


“Another celeb that looks older is Uche Jombo, who is 34 years. 
Few years ago when she was nominated for the Future Awards, people shouted and were amazed that her name was there, since they felt she had passed the required age for the award category, but Uche had to refute their assertion.

Uche reacted to the age controversies that trailed her Future Awards nomination in 2010 with the following statements:

”My age is my business and none else’, that I don’t talk about my age is because its not important. Over the years i have heard all sorts of number attributed to me but i have kept quiet because those who matter know how old i am. The future awards always verifies age before they accept nomination, people should leave me alone and face their lives and work because i face my work and mind my business. If i am 42,what does that make my mum? My mum is 52yrs old so will that mean she was twelve years old when she had me her third child? I was born on December 28,1979. My immediate older sibling was born in 1977 and my immediate younger sibling was born in 1981.I presented enough facts to show my real age so i don’t see why people are petitioning the awards committee. Are they the ones who gave birth to me? I don’t really respond to some certain things but this time it seems silence isn’t golden. This is the fact,i am 31yrs old on my next birthday:Those spreading the wrong number should get their mathematics right. I have said enough on this issue, now let me get back to work,i am on location right now, this is so annoying but i just refuse to get angry, instead I say merry christmas to all my fans”.


Chika is just 27 but looks a bit older than that. Chika was born on Nov. 8, 1985. Chika Ike had to upload her WAEC certificate online to prove her age sometime ago when people doubted her age. She received lots of bashing for that act.


Davido is actully 21; he was born on Nov. 21, 1992. Fans doubted his age sometime ago and Davido had to post his passport bearing his age to prove his real age; people also bashed him for that.


John is the worst hit in this department. John celebrated his 30th birthday in Feb 3 this year. But he looks more than 39 years. It could be because of his plumpy nature or genes.


Juliet turned 28 in March this. The beautiful actress looks older than her age.


The sexy actress is 29. She was born in Nov 25, 1984. The actress looks older.


The singer loved by many women is just 30. He was born Nov 23, 1983


Uti is 32 but kinda looks a bit older than that.

Toolz 3

She’s 32 but looks older. Maybe because of her body stature.

1 (10)

The actress is just 27 but due to her weight people thought otherwise when they reported that she is 36. But the actress swiftly countered that and told them she was actually 26 years as at that last year when the incident happened.


He’s just 23. He was born on July 2, 1991.