Wednesday, September 24, 2014

J Martins’ Career In Danger As Top Event Organisers Stops Calling Him For Shows

The career of High Life crooner, J Martins may be in danger as top events organizers have now ganged up to frustrate him. Research shows that J Martins as he’s known may suffer the consequences of his arrogant behavior as noted by many of his colleagues in the Nigerian entertainment industry. True, he has now become a household name because of the support he has recieved.
He started with a passion that inspired the African people to cheer for him and pay to watch his performances. Among his contemporaries like 2face, P Square and others, he stayed in the public eye because of his loyal fans but in recent years the chants of his name is slowly dwindling and he is going into oblivion. While other artistes stand the test of time because the fire and passion still burns in them, J Martins seem to have lost his muse for the music with the rise and rise of new and old talented musicians coming out with banging hits.
J Martins is now been ignored because of the extreme bills he charges. According to our source who dropped the gist in this hangout, some top event organisers had at different times called him on the phone for some shows and he charged them amounts which they J Martins (1) J Martins considered to huge for an artiste at his level. “The worse is when he calls them back to apologize, things were already out of hand as they had made up their minds to deal with him ruthlessly.”
Meanwhile there are claims that some of these event organizeers he has disappointed, Supported him with shows and events when he was upcoming, but he now feels he’s an established artiste, by placing his fee above his other colleagues like P-Square and others, an action the enraged show organisers consider as exorbitant.
If nothing is done by J Martins to stay relevant with this tough competition all around, his career will go down the toilet and all his struggles and hard work would have been for nothing. J martins has to journey back to the highlights of his career to reflect and find the inspiration and drive he once had unless the urban highlife pop musician is going to go bankrupt and realize this a little too late. He is now seeing the effect of his pride and arrogance because organizers have stopped calling him for shows stated our source.
Though he has not recently won or gotten a prestigious award or nomination ‘his fees are extravagant and just preposterous’ and he’s alleged to be very stubborn at times and insists he collects even more than the likes of Flavour, Wizkid, Ice Prince, Davido, who are raves of the moment.


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