Monday, September 29, 2014

I Would Love To Colaborate With Wizkid And Davido – Cabo Snoop

VL recently caught up with the windeck crooner 'CABO SNOOP'in an exclusive interview he talks to VL about his music style and his desire to collaborate with WIZKID & DAVIDO…look below to read the full interview

VL: Hello cabo,watagwan ?

Cabo:Helloooo, good morning, nice to meet you.

VL: let me ask this before I go on; how did the name cabo snoop come about?

Cabo: People started calling me CABO snoop because I am as skinny as snoop Dog, and he worked as an assistant producer on my video production.

VL: A lot of people still only know you as cabo snoop, what is your real name?

Cabo: Ivo Manuel de Lemos.

VL: you resurfaced recently with your single 'bakule', tell us more about it?

Cabo: the aim was to bring to africa what is done for africa (Nigeria) and also to show my parents unaware of this kind of music.

VL: you always know how to make your songs mega hits, would you say "bakule" is living up to that standard?

Cabo: yes, because it is being aired all over Africa ,just like we anticipated ; and being different from the style that I started, I think we're on track. I'm happy with the results.

VL: what is the best part about being a celebrity musician?

Cabo: The best part is receiving the affection of the fans. this is the confirmation that God is blessing you.

VL: tell us about your craziest female fan experience?

Cabo: Hahahaha I have several, but I think the Craziest was in a dressing room in paris lol.

Vl: who are some of your favourite people in the industry?

Cabo: Michael Jackson, Usher, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake, Wizkid, sarkodi, 2face, Davido, dr sid, Anselmo Ralph. Hahahaha…I are several.

VL: who would you like to do a collaboration with in the Nigerian industry?

Cabo: Davido and Wizkid. Because of the taste and strength they carry.

VL: if you were not a musician, what else do you think you could have done?

Cabo: hahaha maybe photography. always enjoyed snapping pictures.

VL: what should your fans be expecting from the windeck master before the end of the year?

Cabo: They can expect my new album which will be in honour of IVM- my producer that died in an accident. And they can also expect a lot of good music and dancing too.