Thursday, September 18, 2014

How Popular Actress, Toyin Adewale's Mum Was Barren For 50Yrs Before She Was Born


Toyin Adewale is a popular name in Nollywood who has done wonderfully well for her self in both English and Yoruba movie genres of the industry. She is one of  the faces in the the popular soap opera titled “My Mother In-Law”. Beautiful and highly creative, Toyin recently revealed to one of the national dailies based in Lagos how her 93 year old mum, Chief Mrs S.A Odubonojo gave birth to her at over 50 years of age. According to Toyin “ I am the only child of my mum, she was over 50 when she had me and looking at my age too, I am 45. She was once married to another man and due to the fact that she couldn’t conceive, she had to leave to marry my dad before God answered her prayer at late hours. Initially, she never wanted to leave but the man advised her to try another man but she didn’t while she remained barren for years. It was this man who further encouraged her to try another man before my father wooed her. I was told when she was leaving the first husband, they both felt sad and they shed tears and to the glory of God she got married within the period of time she married my father. It was five years after marrying my dad that she could have me. On the 5th year, she decided to leave my father by saying she does not want any marriage or relationship again before God answered her prayers that same year. She was actually planning to leave my dad”.    


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