Sunday, September 14, 2014

Drama As Taraba Cabal Smuggles Brain-Damaged Governor Danbaba Suntai Out Of Abuja International Airport


Taraba political cabal played a fast one on friends, well-wishers, the acting governor, Umar Garba and the media who were waiting for arriving brain-damaged governor of Taraba, Danbaba Suntai at the Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport in Abuja today as they whisked him away leaving everyone perplexed and confused.

The cabal's airport delegation led by Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, who had given the impression that Mr. Suntai, who arrived on a private jet from London through the international wing of the airport, would alight at the local wing.

But unknown to the crowd that thronged the airport to welcome the ailing governor, Bwacha and a few members of the delegation disappeared from the scene aided by the minister of state for Niger Delta, procured the help of some airforce at the airport and hastily smuggled the ailing governor into a private car and left the airport.

A bewildered press crew and the acting governor drove frantically in a convoy out of the airport towards Abuja city center  as soon as information reached them the ailing governor had been smuggled out of the airport.

Mr. Suntai was later driven to the guest house owned Theophillus Danjuma in Asokoro area of Abuja where he was allowed to hve a brief chat with reporters. His condition remained the same as that of last August 2013.


  1. they shld just finish him once and for all....he is dead already