Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Brother Africa Unveils Three More Hotspot Housemates [PHOTOS]

Yesterday Big brother Africa unveiled three of its hotspot housemates; Alusa form Kenya, Ellah from Uganda and Butterphly from Zimbabwe, today three new housemates have been introduced to Africa; Esther from Uganda, Goitse from Botswana and Idris from Tanzania. Africans will either love or hate them in the coming weeks.

More housemates will be unveiled in the next few days. We wait eagerly to know the hotshots that will be representing Nigeria.

Check out the three new housemate’s profile below:

Esther Namudu Akankwasa
With her sparkling personality, 23 year old Esther from Uganda looks set to shine inside the Big Brother house. She says she’s very funny and can make people laugh. According to her, “what you see is what you get”.

Goitse from Botswana, describes herself as vibrant, fun, risk taker and she’s street smart and a fashion freak.  If given the chance, she’ll like to ask Biggi how tall he is. She plans to have fun, make friends and entertain Africa and of course win the money. She also says that other housemates may probably dislike her talkative nature. 

Idris From Tanzania
Idris is a 21 year old Tanzanian photographer, filled with positive energy. He admits to having a strategy, hoping that his fellow housemates will turn to him “when they want to be inspired or when they feel down.” He also promises not to walk naked in the house.


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