Friday, August 22, 2014

Yvonne Nelson Slams Iyanya For Nominating Her On The IceBucketChallenge

Two days ago,Iyanya joined International celebrities to take on the Ice bucket water challenge which supports those with Motor Neurone disease. Interestingly, he nominated Yvonne Nelson to take on the challenge.Many fans have been telling her to do it. Yvonne nelson took to Social media to react harshly..Read below..

‎'Say shit and I'll block you if I see it. SIMPLE! You live in America and think Africa is America? People in my country don't have potable water to drink and you display your ignorance on my post? No one asked you to follow or check my page… Ilovemyafrica! Ourpartoftheworld"


  1. This your blog is just a puss off!!! Please get your stories straight before posting.... Her so called reaction was on instagram to her followers that were talking shit... I wonder where you get your stories from ooo.... Hian!!!

  2. And how does that "Slam Inyanya"? Does Inyanya live in America?? Sheesh!! What people do for Traffic tho. It sucks!