Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yoruba Festival In Texas

Yoruba Festival is a cultural celebration of Yoruba people worldwide and it is commemorates with Yoruba Day event annually. So we want to be able to add cultural exchange as part of the education process bringing people and sending people to learn the rich African culture. Yoruba people originated from the western part of Nigeria in West Africa, they are an ethnicity rich in culture, value, norms, and stunning entertainment. It is our interest to give all people an opportunity to learn by inviting them to our annual events and making the apart of the program.

This festival showcase various Yoruba cultural heritage ranging from dance, dressing styles, food, drama, poetry, music, art, film, and much more in teaching moral. Various Yoruba acclaimed local and international artists and performers will be in attendance in displaying vast talents that are rich in Yoruba culture and entertainment. Special awards will also be handed out on this day for those who have done so much to continue African traditions and culture teachings.

Yoruba festival is aimed at fostering cultural exchange in the United States of America and across the world, as we bring one of the best West African cultural entertainment experiences to the people of United States to have fun and engage in cultural exchange. The festival is meant to educate the world about the rich African and Yoruba Culture, as we intend to bring more than 5,000 visitors from different ethnicity together in each year’s edition.

Our motivation and drive: Our driving force is the desire to see a community begin to learn and respect this amazing cultural experience. To see the goals and achieve the redemption of a nation society seems to condemn. We believe that in the community people will benefit from one another treat people right and fair and have a safe place to enjoy learning and do business as well. A healthy community is a healthy place to do business. This will help the city remain vital and economically relevant. By supporting us you are helping to stabilize a community, improve diversity, raise families and helping to build a viable economic community.


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