Saturday, August 9, 2014

WEEKEND CELEB: Meet Lydia Forson, The Screen Diva

Just like Mo'Nique, there’s another woman who is as talented, beautiful and fabulous as she is and that is Ghana’s Lydia Forson. This screen goddess can sway her way into any conversation and gathering with ease and poise and this has been just one of the selling points for this Ghanian actress.

It took her a while but Lydia was determined to get to the top. Years after earning a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Information Studies, she flirted with the idea of entering the entertainment industry for a professional career; however taking the bull by the horn, she made her decision and took up acting as a career.

Long before we begun to really notice and cherish Lydia, she was a reality star albeit briefly as the 3rd runner up in the 2007 edition of ‘The Next Movie Star’ in Nigeria even though she had been acting five years before, taking cameo roles in ‘Run Baby Run’, ‘Different Shades of Blue’, amongst others.

Months after her stint in, ‘The Next Movie Star’ she still found herself struggling to get the recognition she needed to jump start her career not because she couldn’t get scripts but because of her desire for quality work which she was in no way willing to compromise.

She got her big break when Shirley Frimpong Manso, who had previously worked with Lydia in the television series “Different Shades of Blue”, called Lydia in for a reading for her award winning movie ‘Scorned’. She got the lead role of Dea Thompson which led to her first African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) nomination as the Best Upcoming Female Actress and Joy FM’s Night with the Stars Best Actress 2009.

Lydia sealed her place in the industry with her dynamic performance in the 2009 movie “The Perfect Picture”. With the way she immerses herself in each role she keeps proving herself to be not just an excellent actress but a role model worthy of emulation.

An advocate for behavioural change among Africans, she is working on establishing the FREE2BME Foundation; a mentorship programme to encourage thinking unconventional and innovative thinking among the youths and to inculcate in them the will to be anything but ordinary.

Alongside other Ghanian and Nigerian movie stars, Lydia has featured in critically acclaimed movies including ‘A Sting in a Tale (which won viewers’ choice awards at the Pan African Film Festival. She proves how far she will go to portray a character even if it means letting others take the centre stage, a good enough reason why she is worth celebrating this weekend.


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