Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 5 Most Fashionable Rappers

Just as important as charisma, rhymes and beats; personal style is one of the most important elements of a rapper’s allure. An MC must also have impeccable taste to really flourish in the visual world of hip-hop. But then, following popular trends and bragging about brand names isn’t enough to earn a spot in our Style Hall of Fame.

To be considered one of the most stylish rappers, an artist has to push his or her own personal fashion sense into unique trendsetting territory — thus dictating the style of an era. However, out of the many rappers with sway and style, these are our picks for the 5 Most Stylish Rappers.

Nasir Jones aka Nas can be described as the golden child of Rap music. He emerged on the scene in 1994 with a classic album called Illmatic, and in the two decades that have passed, his music and fashion style continues to evolve and become more refined. During the first years of his career, all he wore were baggy jeans and army fatigue jackets. But now, when he dresses up, it’s usually in the finest suits, an exquisitely executed haircut and more often than not, an expensive Cuban cigar as an accessory.  Style definitely makes a man, and Nas has tons of it.

Jay Z
When Jay Z moves, the world tends to move with him. That goes for style too. His ability to transition back and forth between dope boy fresh to all grown up and high-end effortlessly sets him apart from his peers. He made us change clothes and start sporting button-ups and more recently put the name of designer Tom Ford on the tips of our tongues instead of Molly with his hit song of the same name. During his climb, Hov as he is also called has ventured into the fashion biz with his S.Carters and Rocawear collections, but regardless of how high he goes, he's never too far from his Roc Boy basics.

Andre 3000
Andre 3000's taste over the years is a dizzying assortment of outlandish wigs, turbans and bold patterns that surprisingly work. A dandy at heart, the Alien's style evolved into a masterful aesthetic of tailored trousers and suspenders -- miles away from his '90s fashion roots.

A$AP Rocky
Without question, A$AP Rocky is one of the fashionable front runners of the new golden era of hip hop. He's influencing a nation of kids with his penchant for mixing high-end labels with street wear sensibility. Early on, the fashion killer who hails from Harlem, N.Y., pledged his allegiance to the likes of Jeremy Scott, Rick Owens and Alexander Wang, which has caught the eyes of Black Scale and runway enthusiasts alike. Our prediction? The fashion future for this kid is bright.

Kanye West
We have written on this site before about Kanye West’s style. He is one celeb that is so obsessed with fashion and clothing but it seems no one wants to give him a real chance with his own brand. But even with all the whining, we must admit that when he wants to, Mr. West can pull off a casual/formal outfit with much self-confidence and swagger. And of course, there are the questionable times when he chooses to coordinate outfits with his wife Kim Kardashian, but we’ll leave our comments about that for another day.
Kanye, like it or not, has been one of the most influential figures in men's style in the last decade.


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