Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Talented Producer Michael Mickbeats Ayodele Shows Off Awards With Dj Tee [PHOTOS]

The multi talented music producer AYODELE MICHEAL, aka known as MICKBEATS has been on the expedition of setting an extraordinary landmark in the entertainment industry ever since his return from South Africa; where he went for multiple courses in the mastery of his art. Mickbeats has been seen hanging out with a whole lot of celebrities.

The music producer posted on his Google page a picture of him and the iconic Dj tee as they both show off the Nigeria Entertainment Awards plaque which was won by the film maker, Dj tee.

We anticipate his upcoming master piece and judging from his rhythmic pattern of production, it is assured that Michael Mickbeats Ayodele will satisfy his fans on his new project.  


  1. This guy is really good. Keep it up Mickbeats. Anticipating your new release

  2. Hmmmmm this will be good I can tell. Big ups to Mickbeats. I am a huge fan