Saturday, August 23, 2014

Story Of A Sad Woman: I Caught My Husband Sleeping With My Best Friend

A laboratory technician, Modupe Ajayi, on Wednesday opened up at an Igando Customary Court, Lagos, that she caught her husband in bed with her best friend. Modupe, 40, was responding to Ajayi’s petition, urging the court to dissolve their 12 years marriage for alleged threat to life and lack of respect.

The wife made some socking relations:

“My husband is a shameless man. He slépt with my best friend. My husband is a womaniser, I caught him making love to my best friend in her house. I refused to employ any house help again as he has turned them into séx machine.”

She said that she stopped having sex with her husband, Mr. Ajayi, 50, since September because “I always had séxual infection some days after he made love to me. 
“I stopped making love to him and I stopped washing his clothes when I discovered that I always see and smell spe-rm on his boxers,” she said.
She said few days after their wedding, her husband abandoned her to go enjoy himself with another woman but he told her that he wanted to travel to the village to see his father...

I called his father when he did not show up for days, but his father told me that he did not see my husband.”

The mother of three said she later found telephone number of the lady in question in her husband’s handset and she called her to leave her husband alone.

After the warning, my husband rushed home, dragged me nakéd out of the bathroom, beat me up for calling his girlfriend. It was my brother-in-law that ran out to cover my nakédness."

The wife, therefore, urged the court to grant her husband’s petition, saying that she was no longer interested in the marriage.

On his part, the husband had told the court that his wife always threatened his life with dangerous weapons.

“Whenever we are fighting she always picks up knife or other sharp objects to stab me. ”He described her as a pompous, disrespectful and arrogant woman.

“She is so full of herself and does not have respect for me despite all I have done for her. I bought her four cars within our 12 years of marriage yet she does not have regard for me. She does things without telling me. She even travelled out of Nigeria without my consent."

He added that his wife has made his house miserable for him as she fights him and always rain curses on him.

He also accused his wife of living an extravagant life with lots of money spent on luxury items. “Her behaviour became unbearable for me. We live as enemy in the house. We stopped talking to each other since June last year," he added.

The President of the court, Mr R.I Adeyeri, adjourned the case to August 27 for ruling.