Thursday, August 7, 2014

Popular Female Singer, Waje Reveals Most Embarrassing Thing That Ever Happened To Her


Waje Reveals Most Embarrassing Day;  
According to her, she forgot how to recite the National Anthem at an event four years ago. 
“I sang the National Anthem for a company that had a show, they were launching something, so a client came to me, we are doing this so we want you to take the National Anthem (that was four years ago). Nomoreloss (another artiste) was the host of that event. 
“Going on stage, Nomoreloss said ‘do not forget the National Anthem’, and I indeed forgot it. In the papers, reports were flying around that Waje does not know how to recite the National Anthem,”Waje further said she was curious and surprised that she missed her lines during the recitation. She also said she has gotten over it and has redeemed herself from the embarrassment


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