Thursday, August 7, 2014

STORY OF A SAD GIRL: My Boyfriend Don't Have Enough Money For My Dream Wedding

Money is a factor for many ladies these days. Read her story below:
I am a woman who has waited long for the right man. I have found him and we are getting married in February My dream wedding has been planned since I was 20 and now I can transform all those imaginary plans into reality. There is only one hitch, I am way more successful financially than my fiancee. He is doing well for himself-averagely- but I am rich. I know he can’t afford some things that I would like to do for the wedding like invite some of my favorite artists to perform, buy a designer wedding dress and give everyone generally a good time. 
I am a very low key person and only popular in my industry where I work so I’m not flamboyant in anyway. But this is my wedding, I feel like I’ll look back and regret it knowing I could afford to do these things but didn’t. I love my boo, we are best friends and he is the love of my life. But...
His ego will not allow me pay for these extra things. I know if I insist and beg and cajole he will allow me go ahead and do whatever I want to do but is it worth it? What if he doesn’t feel comfortable on the wedding day? what if this becomes a big problem in future. I am thinking of both of us in this case and I’m afraid I cannot come to a conclusion in my mind.  
Forget asking my friends, they are so 2014 they think I should pay for what I want if he can’t afford it. I want my fairy tale wedding, I also do not want to bruise my fiancee's ego in the process. 
I need a middle ground, please help!


  1. if he cant afford it, den u do it on a low key

  2. the ball is in your court..