Friday, August 15, 2014

Nigerian Pastor Organises EBOLA Cure Crusade In Lagos [PHOTO]


A Nigerian pastor of the Divine Power Pentecostal Chapel appears to be cashing in on the widespread fear generated by the Ebola scourge. 
Rev. Emmanuel Sampson, whose church is located in the Isolo area of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and the only part of the country with a confirmed case of Ebola, is asking people to come for his crusade with ‘cocked bottles’ (sic). Given the antics of faith healers, what the bottles are for is left to anyone’s imagination.
The reverend’s crusade and language does go contrary to the appeal from the Lagos state government for religious leaders not to promise healing to Ebola patients. This appeal was to mitigate against movement of infected people in search of a cure to churches or mosques.