Monday, August 11, 2014

Muslim Who Converted To Christianity Healed Of Cancer At The Redeemed Camp

I am a Muslim who just accepted Christ. I had cancer and someone told me about the Holy Ghost Service that takes place on the Redemption Camp Ground. So, I decided to come. A word of prophecy came out that whosoever had an issue of blood has been healed.

I quickly accepted the word in faith and went home. I went to the doctor later that week, came back home with the report that I had been completely healed of the cancer. It was unbelievable but true! I want to give all the Glory to the God of Daddy G.O who has healed me and my Family.

John from Australia: Says he received victory over stagnation and retrogression during the 100 days prayer and fasting declared by RCCG on January 1 this year.

Belen Jude from Nigeria: Daughter healed of stroke after applying anointing oil which was prayed upon by the G.O. He said the girl took ill on the eve of her birthday which almost led to a stroke but the Almighty God intervened after the little girl drank the anointing oil that was blessed by the church.

Ajala Oluwafunmi from Nigeria: “I noticed a lump on one of my breasts, went to the hospital and was told the lump is cancerous. I prayed and fasted and I went back to the same hospital and behold the doctor announced that the lump was no longer cancerous.”

Sister Nancy from United States of America: Child healed of partial hearing. “My child had been suffering partial hearing for sometime and we have tried everything medically possible without any positive result. During the just concluded 62nd annual convention, we were watching online and when Pastor Adeboye was ministering, suddenly my daughter burst out speaking in tongue for a long period of time. She was healed.”

Physical testifiers at the convention ground
Deacon and Deaconess Abimbola Sulaimon from Lagos Province 7, Delivered from 10 years barrenness:
“We got married 2004 and since then no child. We kept trusting God and last year we held on to one of the prophecies of our father in the Lord and suddenly I realized I was pregnant and God blessed us with a bouncing baby boy.

19-year barrenness gone from Mr & Mrs Olusola Aka
“We have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb since we married in year 1995. In year 2012 with faith I went out with other mothers to the altar for thanksgiving. The following year which was 2013, I get pregnant and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Mr & Mrs Mark Abu, 15 years barrenness gone after being prayed for by the wife of the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor Folu Adeboye after the 100 days fasting and prayer that was announced by the church.

Miracles happen everyday, believe and accept yours!


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