Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Most Embarrassing Night Club Photos - Part I

 Here is a collection of pics for us all to laugh at those embarrassing drunken antics that go on in the wee hours of the morning in night clubs….

Now, I know these photos of horrors from nightclubs are old. I think the newest ones on here are still a good clear 12 months out of date. But I hadn’t seen many of them before, so I’m assuming some of you haven’t either. I’m posting them up here in all their gory glory as a warning to others that think it’s a good idea to be photographed whilst smashed.

Nightclubs are modern-day dens of iniquity, they’re the gambling dens in the temples, the colloseums of modern England. Hidden and subversive, subterranean wanton war zones. When you go “clubbing” you know what you’re in for, at least most people do.

On the other hand, some people genuinely think they are classy for going out on the town wearing their posh frockand downing every single drink they can see whether its got fag butts in it or not. Some people think they are a picture of elegance as they fox-trot out of a club into a hedge. These are the delusions of drugs: booze, loud music and darkness.

These hideous pictures of the interior of nightclubs aren’t entirely fair though. There’s a reason why these places have low, homogeneous lighting: most people are smashed and it really isn’t a pretty sight. The arrival of flash photography shows late night shenanigans for what they truly are: horrific, but hilarious as an independent observer at home…



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