Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meet Valentina Hemeson, The Nigerian Female Fashion Blogger Based In Serbia [PHOTOS]

I am Valentina Hemeson. I was born in Serbia, but I am mestizo. My father is from Nigeria and my mother is from Serbia. Now I am living in Serbia.

I am 20 years old fashion blogger and student on Faculty of Electronic Engineering. For a period of seven years I played handball and I was volunteer in Red Cross of Serbia and many other organization for youth.

Now I am focused on my blog and university.

Me and fashion
I really love fashion and clothes. A lot of my money I spent on clothes. After working with several blogs in my former job that I realized, I wanted to start my own fashion blog. I thought that starting a personal blog a very difficult job, because there are a lot quality fashion blogs. I decided to create lifestyle blog. It was difficult and I worked hard. Many times my blog is my full-time job.

My blog is online lifestyle magazine, but focused footballer wag’s (wife and girlfriend) style and fashion, but sometimes I write about health, love, sex and travel. I want to show my daily outfit, places which i visited and new collection of the most famous fashion houses.  

The name for the blog came about thanks to my relationship. My dream was to be footballer’s girlfriend or wife and to have a lot of clothes and shoes in my closet. When I was young (7 years old) I knew that every footballer’s wag is a girl with the greatest style and way of life. 13 years after I launched “Wag’s style”  ( ).

I love exploring all styles, but I am mostly in chic outfits. I live in the moment and that is reflected in my style.

Fashion is a way of life, not passion – I think.

Me and love
I am in relationship with Cameroon’s footballer who play in Serbian Super League. We have long – distance relationship because we live in different cities. 

I have never believed in long-distance relationship. But I changed my opinion about love and relationship. Now i will try to describe my passion in love with him and how I feel.

I will talk about the butterflies in my stomach, about the priceless moments that we lived when he proposed about the sacrifices that we have made for our relationship. I did not say that I cannot be in long-distance relationship because I believed in us and I thought he is real man for my life.

Some say that distance can destroy a relationship, I believe that it can strengthen and make it more beautiful, more powerful. Why? I will explain you. The emotions that we live after a period of the time are the same ones we had in the first meeting. Because the distance makes you more understanding. If your feelings are so strong you will forget kilometers apart. Of course, it all depends on your personality and mentality. If you want a beautiful and long lasting relationship you must leave aside ego, jealousy or other things that could affect the relationship. You have to believe in each other, in your relationship. And most importantly you have to support him. Don't look at another couples, be focused on your relationship, because everyone loves in his own way.

We speak different native language, we  believe in different God, we have different body color, but we support each other. He supports me in everything I do.

He makes me happy with everything he does and everything he talks.

I decided to convert in his religion and show him my real love.

Nobody is perfect, we are not perfect, our relationship is not perfect but I learned to live beautifully. We learned cherish the moments when we are together and we learn to love every second that we spent together.


  1. Changed your religion cos of love.... Interesting!!!! One love story