Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meet The Hottest Girls In South Africa [PHOTOS]

10. Dominique Piek

Dominique Piek top 1
Dominique Piek is a really successful model from South Africa who got her start in the modeling world back in 2003 when she won the SASI swimwear model search. This girl looks perfect in swimsuits and bikinis and maybe that’s why she was featured several times in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit Issue and she also modeled for Victoria’s Secret and many other popular designers. What a babe!

Dominique Piek top 1 Dominique Piek top 2 Dominique Piek top 3 Dominique Piek top 4 Dominique Piek top 5 Dominique Piek top 6 Dominique Piek top 7 Dominique Piek top 8 Dominique Piek top 9

9. Shane van der Westhuizen

Shane van der Westhuizen 1
Her name sounds Dutch to me but this girl was born and raised in South Africa and she’s already a sensation in this country. Shane van der Westhuizen is just 20 years old and even though she’s pretty young she was already selected to pose for one of the best mens magazines in the world , Sports Illustrated in a scorching hot pictorial.
Shane van der Westhuizen 1 Shane van der Westhuizen 2 Shane van der Westhuizen 3 Shane van der Westhuizen 4 Shane van der Westhuizen 5 Shane van der Westhuizen 6 Shane van der Westhuizen 7 Shane van der Westhuizen 8 Shane van der Westhuizen 9

8. Tammin Sursok

Tammin Sursok top 1
Tammin Sursok is just another sexy South African beauty who proves how much beauty there is in this country. She’s an actress and singer and she’s a well known musician in Johannesburg. She also appeared in a couple of soap operas and, of course, she was featured in a couple of drool inducing photoshoots.
Tammin Sursok top 1 Tammin Sursok top 2 Tammin Sursok top 3 Tammin Sursok top 4 Tammin Sursok top 5 Tammin Sursok top 6 Tammin Sursok top 7 Tammin Sursok top 8 Tammin Sursok top 9

7. Candice Boucher

Candice Boucher top 1
Candice Boucher is just another stunning South African model. She has modelled for include FHM, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and Elle and she’s one of the faces of Guess. She also worked for other famous designers until now and this year she took some of her clothes off for a jaw dropping photoshoot in Playboy. This peach looks incredible in bikinis and lingerie and thank god we’ve got a lot of pics like that with her for your viewing pleasure.
Candice Boucher top 1 Candice Boucher top 2 Candice Boucher top 3 Candice Boucher top 4 Candice Boucher top 5 Candice Boucher top 6 Candice Boucher top 7 Candice Boucher top 8 Candice Boucher top 9

6. Jenna Pietersen

Jenna Pietersen top 1
Jenna Pietersen is a delicious lingerie and swimsuit model from South Africa who already impressed everyone with her beautiful body and was featured twice in the South African edition of Sports Illustrated’sSwimsuit Issue… nuff said? You bet, so lets just move right along to the good stuff – the lingerie, bikini andswimwuit pictures.
Jenna Pietersen top 1 Jenna Pietersen top 2 Jenna Pietersen top 3 Jenna Pietersen top 4 Jenna Pietersen top 5 Jenna Pietersen top 6 Jenna Pietersen top 7 Jenna Pietersen top 8 Jenna Pietersen top 9

5. Lorraine Van Wyk

Lorraine Van Wyk top 1
Lorraine Van Wyk is a South African stunner with Dutch genes who managed to rock both South Africa and Netherlands with her amazing body. She was featured in a couple of mens magazines until now but her bikini and lingerie photoshoots are the ones that really make us go gaga. She’s the face of Escada’s Pacific Paradise fragrance and she also represented other beauty products and worked for some popular fashion designers.
Lorraine Van Wyk top 1 Lorraine Van Wyk top 2 Lorraine Van Wyk top 3 Lorraine Van Wyk top 4 Lorraine Van Wyk top 5 Lorraine Van Wyk top 6 Lorraine Van Wyk top 7 Lorraine Van Wyk top 8 Lorraine Van Wyk top 9

4. Joelle Kayembe

Joelle Kayembe top 1
We need some chocolate in this list and Joelle Kayembe is as sweet as the finest chocolate in the world. She’s a model from South Africa who was actually born in Congo but she lived most of her life here so she qualifies for our list.  She made the cover of South African Sports Illustrated a couple of years ago and besides posing a lot of bikinis and hot outfits this incredible girl also appeared in a couple of music videos, one for Ludacris.
Joelle Kayembe top 1 Joelle Kayembe top 2 Joelle Kayembe top 3 Joelle Kayembe top 4 Joelle Kayembe top 5 Joelle Kayembe top 6 Joelle Kayembe top 7 Joelle Kayembe top 8 Joelle Kayembe top 9

3. Lyndall Jarvis

Lyndall Jarvis top 1
I first seen this Lyndall Jarvis babe last year gracing on the cover of FHM South Africa and I knew she has to be somehow famous there. And now you all know why, because good lord, this girl is really attractive. Apparently she won last year FHM South Africa’s 100 Sexiest Women in the world of 2009. Even though the voters were mainly from South African, ranking her on top of other global beauties still says a lot about how hot this girl is.
Lyndall Jarvis top 1 Lyndall Jarvis top 2 Lyndall Jarvis top 3 Lyndall Jarvis top 4 Lyndall Jarvis top 5 Lyndall Jarvis top 6 Lyndall Jarvis top 7 Lyndall Jarvis top 8 Lyndall Jarvis top 9

2. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron top 1
Everything about Charlize Theron is sexy, from her amazing green eyes to her statuesque body. She has a certain feminine grace and class and she always acts and looks like a real woman. If you still don’t know who is Charlize Theron we’ll assume you either lived in a cave or you’re just 12 at  the moment and you’re a Biebler fan. She’s surely the most popular South African woman and I lived her in every movie I’ve seen with her. Despite her psycho tendencies in films that won her an Oscar, she’s still one of the hottest women from South Africa.
Charlize Theron top 1 Charlize Theron top 2 Charlize Theron top 3 Charlize Theron top 4 Charlize Theron top 5 Charlize Theron top 6 Charlize Theron top 7 Charlize Theron top 8 Charlize Theron top 9

1. Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel top 1
Aand in the first place we have our favorite supermodel, Candice Swanepoel. For me, this babe is close to perfection with that tight little body, cute face and amazing eyes that will make anyone fall for her instantly! She’s the type of girl I’d take home to my parents and I’d even try to cook something for her if that’s what it takes to get her. Last year she was in our top 10 hottest women in the world list buy with every new photoshoot we like this babe more and more and not only she’s the #1 South African womanbut she’s also close to become the most gorgeous girl in the whole world too. I’m pretty addicted to this peach and probably the hardest part of the article was selecting only 18 pics with her to close this list because heck, there are hundreds and all pics with Candice are stunning!
Candice Swanepoel top 1 Candice Swanepoel top 2 Candice Swanepoel top 3 Candice Swanepoel top 4 Candice Swanepoel top 5 Candice Swanepoel top 6 Candice Swanepoel top 7 Candice Swanepoel top 8 Candice Swanepoel top 9 Candice Swanepoel top 10 Candice Swanepoel top 11 Candice Swanepoel top 12 Candice Swanepoel top 13 Candice Swanepoel top 14 Candice Swanepoel top 15 Candice Swanepoel top 16 Candice Swanepoel top 17