Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meet The Boy With The Biggest Hands Ever On Earth [PHOTOS]

Eight year old Kaleem has been finding it very dificult to live a normal life. The young indian and his family who barely survive on an income of £15 a month are still trying to find a solution to his problem.

Kaleem has probably got the biggest hands ever, both weigh more than 2 stone.He is unable to carry out simple tasks like tieing his shoes and buttoning his shirt and gets bullied a lot in school.

His mother Haleema, 27, said she knew he was different at birth but was powerless to help and the youngster's hands have now grown so large they measure 13 inches from the base of his palm to the end of his middle finger. He currently does not go to school anymore because his teachers complained that his hands scare other children.

Kaleem's case is very rare as doctors are puzzled with his condition.


  1. I wonder how hIs hands will be wen he add 15 yrs to his age.