Monday, August 11, 2014

Late Michael Jackson's Former Maid Reveals Stories That Paint A Shocking Tale Of Michael's Uncleanliness

To the whole world he is the king of Pop music and lives like a king but Michael Jackson's 3 former Neverland maids, revealed a shocking tale to New York Post on how Michael lived a life of a "pig".

The maids who didn't want their names revealed, said when Michael feel pressed to pee, rather than using the restroom, he unzip his pants and pee in the grand entry of  Neverland.

According to the maids, they were shocked, because when guests like Oprah or Elizabeth Taylor would visit the floors would be waxed but all they could think of is ... they're stepping where Michael took a wiz.

Another maid said Michael use to threaten them with animal poop ball.  The maids said Jackson lived like a pig ... his bedroom was littered with half-eaten chicken, potato chips, empty wine and whiskey bottles.

One maid said it was so bad, the place was infested with bedbugs. And there's this ... one maid claims, when MJ would see pictures of the Jackson 5 in magazines, he send someone out to collect as many as they could and then he'd shred them, saying, "Yuck, they don't deserve to have my name.

They are gutless moochers. I'm the only star. They should be cleaning my shoes."

Should we really believe this???


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