Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kefee’s Husband Finally Opens Up About Her Untimely Death

Teddy Don Momoh, husband of late singer Kefee, has finally broken his silence after the untimely death of his Gospel singer wife, who died at 31. Teddy who attended the recently held Encomium Black and White party in Lagos granted the magazine his first interview after her death, where he spoke about their relationship and her uncompleted project.

"I can't say I am going to miss her because there are uncountable things to miss. She was a complete, Godly, highly intelligent and strong woman. All these I will miss and also not having her by my side forever. She was a woman that knew what to say to me to keep me fired up. The last memories we had together were shared between Nigeria and America. We shot our first video together here in Nigeria as certified video producers and directors. It was fun to see her contribute highly and creatively in the camera positioning and I told her 'You are what the industry has been waiting for'. This happened a day before she travelled back to America."

Speaking about her uncompleted project, he said...
"Before her untimely death, she was working on her beautiful album from the best of both world compilation double CD and I would be putting finishing touches to the album. She had two projects for her foundation that she was working on before she travelled.

"But by God's Grace, the team would bring it to realization. Also watch out for her video compilation that our team would be dropping soon. She left her legacy and I am asking her fans to support her even now as we drop songs on iTunes and CD for public consumption," he said. 


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