Thursday, August 14, 2014

I’m Currently Working On My Reality Series -- Emma Nyra

                 Emma-Nyra 2
On This exclusive interview You’ll also get to know what VL!’s first ever cover girl, EMMA NYRA has been up to.
Read the interview Below.....

VL!: Hello Emma Nyra
EMMA NYRA: Hey Vergeria Lounge!

VL!: How are you doing?
EMMA NYRA: I’m doing well my people.

VL!: What have you been up to?
EMMA NYRA: I’ve been on an 11 city Tour in America for the past months and it was quite successful!  Up next is the official release of the Elele Video ft Davido.  
I have also started my radio promo for my new single Amigo produced by Selebobo and the video is in the works. 
VL!: You are VL!’s first ever cover star…How does it feel to be interviewed a year after covering the magazine?
EMMA NYRA: It feels good because there has been progression and more success in my career. I’m blessed to be a female musician in such a booming industry.

VL!: In Our CEO’s (Theo Olele) recent interview with he said that you are the coolest and nicest person to ever cover VL!…What do you have to say about that?
EMMA NYRA: Aww I appreciate the love! Blessup for supporting my movement as well!

VL!: From the time you covered VL! and now how would you rate the magazine in terms of cover quality and organisation?
EMMA NYRA: Well I believe VL! Magazine started off properly because my cover was such a success. The cover quality has drastically improved since my spread.
                                                    Emma Nyra
VL!: Would you love to grace the VL! Cover again in the future?
EMMA NYRA: I would love to grace the cover! 

VL!: What project are you currently working on?
EMMA NYRA: I’m currently working on my reality series that will portray a day in the life of a female artist. 

VL!: Tell us about your collaboration with davido.
EMMA NYRA: The collabo with Davido was such a blessing because he fit my song and he was so fun to work with. Shooting the video was fun as well because it was a collabo of Triple MG and HKN Gang.

VL!: When should we expect your album?
EMMA NYRA: My album will be ready for release in the first quarter of next year. 

VL!: What are your future plans?
EMMA NYRA: My future plans are to expand my entertainment platform through music acting and modelling. I will also launch the Emma Nyra foundation.

VL!: Final note to fans all over the world
EMMA NYRA: I love all my fans so much and I appreciate all the support.