Thursday, August 7, 2014

Father Mbaka Brings Woman Back To Life

She could not find enough words to describe what God did for her as she spoke with Oriental News. She only continued to praise God, calling Him different names. “He is the Elshadai, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Beginning and the end, Conquering Lion of the tribe of  Judah….”When she could not continue she turned to her friends who supported her with more names for God; “the Mighty man in battle, the God of Isaac…”
Amaka Obi, mother of one, who was visibly overwhelmed by what God did for her continued to struggle during the short interview to find words to appreciate and praise God who did what she confessed she would not have believed had it happened to another person.
“In fact, whatever God wants from me now I am ready to give all; what will I give to Him? Should I clap, should I dance, jump or start running? I am ready to do anything, even if He wants my life now let Him take it because He has shown me the greatest love,” she said. A native of Ebenebe in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Amaka recalled how she took ill and was taken to a hospital in Awka, the Anambra State capital, where she was confirmed dead after about two weeks.
Hear her: “I was admitted at Divine Hospital Awka and on that fateful Friday at about 11:00 a.m I was confirmed dead. Of course, I didn’t know what happened, but my friends who were with me told me the whole story. It would have been better if they were here to narrate it because they know better, but they have all travelled back to their base.
“So, my people were all contacted and told about my death. They were to send my corpse to the mortuary, but some people around said I should be taken to Adoration.
“My corpse was brought to the Adoration in an ambulance, but when I got to the Adoration I saw two groups of people; one was wearing white and the other black. Then I saw Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka among those in white and he told me that I was not going to die; that it was well and that I could live again. That was how I came back to life from where I couldn’t explain. It was the people with me that told me where I was.”
She explained that some members of her family who did not know about the decision to take her to the Adoration were still making arrangements for her burial.
“I must tell you my brother that indeed the God of Adoration is good. They were preparing for my burial following the news of my death. They were not aware, until I got home the next day that I had been brought back to life by Rev. Fr. Mbaka whom God used to save me,” she said.
Amaka who gave out her contacts for people to confirm her story said she has received thousands of calls from people who wanted to be sure if her story was true.
“Some will call me and start praising God on the telephone; others will call me and ask me to pray for them. There were also some useless callers who will even ask me to send money to them. But I must tell you that I give God all the glory and thanks,” she said.
The atmosphere that night at the church was calm and very peaceful until Rev. Mbaka took the stage after the second mass to introduce the programme of the day.
Fr. Mbaka soon went into songs and praise singing unto the Lord as he invited the Holy Spirit for miracles.

Amaka’s death was said to have occurred on the same day the Enugu Catholic Diocese celebrated the 2014 Pentecostal night which also coincided with the Friday of the Adoration Ministry Enugu night presided over by the popular Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.
The priest was, therefore, at hand to host the Pentecostal night which witnessed remarkable signs and wonders, one of which was the revival of the lifeless body of Amaka which created fear and panic amongst thousands of worshippers who thronged the Christ the King Catholic Church, GRA, Enugu that fateful Friday.
After welcoming worshippers for the all night vigil, he prophesied that the weather would soon change. And after a short time it started drizzling and the man of God told his guests that the rain was the power of the Pentecost.
“I still maintain that this rain is not against us but for us; that is why there is peace in the midst of the rain. Any unhealthy disorder and outburst signifies a satanic source, but the inherent peace and joy that came with the rain is a manifestation that the source is divine by the process of discernment. It is not an accidental phenomenon, it has a supernatural definition.
“You don’t know how many know how many witches that attended this gathering; it is only rain that can keep them on the run. They are aware that the people of the city are here; witches and wizards cannot stand where rain is falling. Traditionally, no witch or wizard can operate under the rain.
“There is a revelation that came about this rain; it says that this is a rain of wealth. After this rain, this Ministry will never be poor. It is a rain of wealth; it is a rain of health. Many sick people are going to give testimonies now. Healing has occurred, it came with the rain. The sick shall witness that God has healed them now.
“It is a rain of favour; there are people here that were cursed, for long as it rains, good things will begin to come their way. It is a rain of miracles; many miracles will be manifested now. We thank God for this rain, the heavens have opened up for us, if you take this rain to a spiritual laboratory, what you are going to find will amaze you.
“Many barren women are going to bring their babies here by this time next year; it is a rain of fertility; Pentecost rain. If the rain didn’t touch you, let its wind touch you, the wind of the Pentecost rain. And the vision says, this rain is for destruction of satanic forces and powers. Any satanic power at work in anybody here has been reduced to zero level in Jesus name.
“It is a rain of purification; many of us are not clean, this rain here is falling as in the days of Joshua…as this rain enters your body and spirit all that attended this gathering is counted among the sanctified. In Joel 2:3 He says, ‘I will pour for you the early rain and the later rain.’ In verse 25 He says, ‘and I will restore for you, so this is the rain for restoration.”
Not long, loud noises and uproars filled the atmosphere as people spoke in strange tongues, while others fell and rolled on the wet ground as the prayers continued. Amaka, whose corpse was at a corner in the adoration, was part of the miracles that followed these prophecies and prayers.
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