Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crazy Things Abuja Big Girls Do For Money

Do you know that quite a lot of babes who live in Abuja do not have any correct job that they do? Do you also know that very few of them have shops or any tangible work place they can point to as office? Yes they live big and they drive flashy and exotic cars, live in very expensive apartments, dress to kill, buy expensive things and travel abroad for holidays.

Some of those babes do not have their parents or relatives in Abuja. Some are students but still engage in dirt acts, while some don’t even have anything doing.

We can tell you what they do that get them the big bucks they spend...

They are dirty things. Below are the 5 dirty things Abuja big babes do for money according to Citypeople:

1) Sleeping With Dogs
This debasing acts are mostly put together to form a part of the p**ngraphy business worldwide and the ladies involved are mostly paid in dollars.
The men mostly ask them to sleep with dogs while they record it with a camera.

2) Buying Mobile Numbers Of Top Celebrities
Some of them go as far as buying mobile numbers of top celebrities and politicians from their friends and some family members for as high as N50,000 just to have a close contact with them. After achieving their aim, they tell the politician they have once met and he personally gave them his private line. Some of these men have believed them and have falling prey afterwards.

3) Dating White Guys
They purposely go around hanging out at places were rich white guys hang around just to meet them.

4) Giving Birth and selling their babies for money
This is now a fast growing negative trend and the market is booming...

5) Hanging out around high brow hotels
You can get the full details in City Peoples magazine... 


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