Saturday, August 23, 2014

CELEB STYLE: Jeannie Mai, The Fashion Wearapist


With the fashion bug taking centre stage and fashion critics on the prowl, you have no choice but to fall into order. To set you on the right track and gauge your fashion sense, we all know that self-acclaimed Wearapist, stylist, make-up artist, actress and presenter, Jeannie Mai can turn any fashion blunder, crime into a remarkable beauty and you wouldn’t need to even ask, How Do I Look?

Truth be told, the “How do I look” presenter and celebrity stylist, Jeannie’s job, involves detecting the craziest fashion faux paus and rebranding unforgivable fashion blunders to order. This is more than enough to scramble for the stylish diva’s unique wardrobe mix.


Pink, brown, yellow and blue, this stunning and beautiful diva is a lover of colours; in her hair, shoes, clothes and even make up and she rocks it too.


This style icon’s fashion mix always leaves you wanting for more as she carefully dresses her petite frame and still breaks boundaries many don’t. 


Jeannie is an advocate for prints, strips and even fur, see how well she rocks them on the red carpet.


If you haven’t fallen in love with Jeannie Mai yet then her style ensembles would make you addicted to Style TV and leave you anticipating what she’ll look like next. She’s indeed a gorgeous Wearapist.


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