Friday, August 15, 2014

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Meet Dusten Truce (D-Truce)

Dusten Truce (D-Truce) whose real name is Chukwuebuka Dusten Anyasie, studied electrical engineering at the yaba college of technology Lagos, he started rapping at about the age of 16...

He wrote his first song in 2009 and recorded his first song a year after,  He released a mixtape series in the summer of 2011 which was titled "Mixtape killer" under Turnout Records an American/Nigerian Record label. The mixtape didn't do too well, but he was relentless in his hustle.


He Broke away from his former label in early 2012 and went ahead to continue his career.
That same year, he was on the nokia "don't break the beat" rap battle competition,in which he took third place..a few months later he was featured on Modenine's Occupy the throne mix tape, Aq's E.P, also on cyrus the virus' infiltration mix tape.

He also performed along side illbliss in the February 2013 edition of the "one mic" live band session, and also dropped a mixtape in june that same year, that featured his major songs "see" and "hold on" which have been enjoying airplay on radio stations nationwide.


He currently works part time at a radio station in Lagos, and has hinted that he has resumed work on his next set music projects, which would include and E.P and possibly an album. 
He has worked with some notable producers overtime namely, Tintin, T-flava, kraftmatiks, big foot of micworx, XYZ and a few others.