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5 Cardinal Rules For Sexting

For those who do not know, the word “sexting” was derived from the combination of two words; sex and texting. As implied by the name, sexting involves sending sexually explicit text messages often times with 18+ rated pictures to spice it up. Sexting is very common amongst teenagers, youths and even adults. It is known to help spice and revive dead sex life if done right. According to cosmopolitan, a good sext is like great foreplay – they are spicy but still leave a little to imagination. 

A good sext makes you anticipate what the other person is bringing to the bed. It literally puts wild imaginations in your head and gives you the chance to talk about all the naughty things you want to do to your partner and want done to you. As long as sexting is concerned, you can talk freely about all those hidden, well-kept sexual fantasies. As interesting as sexting can be, it is very easy to get carried away. It is very exciting but has also proven to be detrimental.

As long as you have your smartphone, you can sext but you should know the rules of sexting before sending sexually explicit contents to someone.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting are:
 Do Not Do It With Just Anybody
Just like sex, you should watch who you have adult conversations with. Chats are constantly being leaked on social networks and it can get really embarrassing if you are exposed. It is always best to sext with your partner rather than an outsider. If you do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, your friend with benefits should be the only other person you do it with. The relationship you have with the person you are sexting matters a whole lot. Do not just send any kind of message to someone you do not know so well.

Do Not Overdo It
Sexting is fun and has proven to help couples boost their sex lives a lot.  But as interesting as it can get, it is best not to overdo it. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Stick to things you are sure you can do or take when it comes to the real thing. Saying too much will make you look like you are faking it or trying too hard. The less you say, the more intriguing it gets. Just a little bit of how naughty you can be, not a whole novel of what you googled.

Do Not Delay Replies
If you know you are busy, do not start sexting. It will only get boring or may send the wrong message across, like you are not interested in what the person is saying. If you have to be away from your phone, take an excuse and finish up what you have to do before continuing. Answer texts promptly to keep the juice flowing.

Do Not Send 18+ Rated Pictures Of Yourself
The rate at which nude pictures leak on the internet is enough to serve as a warning to desist from this. You can’t trust anybody enough with your naked pictures. If you have to involve pictures, make sure you take it without your face or identifiable markers on your body like the tattoo of your name. Apply wisdom when it comes to sharing of pictures.

- Do Not Sext Someone You Just Met
If you just met a guy or a girl and you’re already talking really dirty, you may be making the wrong impression. For a guy, you may come off a jerk who is just after sex and for a girl, you may look like a slut or too cheap. Take your time to know who the person is before you start exchanging wild thoughts.

- Do Not Leave Any Evidence On Your Phone
Delete all conversations, pictures, voice notes off your phone when you are done. Keeping these things may end up being deadly as your phone may end with someone that will leak them. You don’t need to keep them as souvenirs. Once you are done and the moment has passed, press the delete button or clear chat button.

Don’t Be Shy
Sext without inhibition. Say whatever is on your mind and be as naughty as you can. Don’t be shy about sharing your fantasies with the person you are chatting with. Sexting is a step forward with a girl or a guy. So, throw all shyness aside and sext with all your mind.

Stay Away From Sexting When You Are Drunk
If you’ve had too much to drink and you know for sure you are no longer sane for that moment, keep your phone tucked safely in your purse. You should not do anything with it, much less sext.
As long as you keep to these basic rules, you will have a wonderful time sexting and even afterwards in the bedroom. Sext when your boyfriend or girlfriend is in town  or when they are far from you. Tell them a little naughty something in the morning and at night before you sleep. Sexting is rewarding and exciting, embedded with promises of a great time in bed. Married or not, try it today but adhere strictly to the rules.
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