Saturday, July 26, 2014

Woman Gives Birth to Baby With Four Legs In Rivers State Nigeria [PHOTO]

A middle aged woman has given birth to a baby with four legs in Aboridendeme-Ama community in Okrika Local Government area of Rivers State.
Hospital source where the woman delivered the baby, however, told newsmen that the baby died shortly after its delivery.
A hospital official confirmed that it was a deformed baby, noting that the deformity may have been caused by congenital anomaly.
She said: “the woman came with a full term pregnancy but on the time of her delivery, even her scan had shown a normal baby, but when she delivered, we saw this extra part of the baby.
“The baby had 3 legs, four arms and 3 ears; even the baby’s stomach was open that one could see the intestines.
“It was so obscure that we don’t know whether she was trying to abort the child.”
Meanwhile, some residents of Aparandeleama community said they were still in shock, adding that they had never seen such a thing before.
According to one of them, “I saw things for myself, the child was dead, a male child.”

Another woman said, “It was a shocking sight. I was cold. This has never happened in Okrika. I Just call it end time oo!


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