Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Nigerian Man Who Turned To A Woman Reveals That He Used To Wear His Mum’s High Heels And Dress Up In Her Outfits

Nigerian transgender, Miss Iris Sahhara during the Q&A session of the World Transgender pageant she eventually won said she used to wear her mum's high heels & dresses. That she would dance around in them when she was younger, imagining herself as a beauty queen. Here's what Miss Sahhara said when she was asked:

What is the proudest moment of your life so far and why?
The proudest moment of my life is being on this stage right now. Because when I was growing up, I had this dream of becoming somebody like going on stage and performing. I watch Miss Universe, 
Miss World but I couldn't because I was born male. But I used to wear my mum's high heels and dress up in her outfits and pretend in front of the mirror that I'm one of the contestants. So being here today and having this opportunity to do this as a glamorous woman with lovely makeup and lovely dresses is a dream come true. 

This is something young male kids do today and most times, we laugh over it and even admire them. Some mothers on their own, dress their sons as baby girls at times. So, do you think we should be worried now if our male kids love wearing our high heels? lol. This is a serious question though. What do you think? Watch Sahhara's interview below -