Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Drama That Awaits At Big Brother Africa Reality Show 2014

In Africa, we all are familiar with Reality shows. We love the thrill, the addiction that comes with it and the evictions; though often sad. It brings tears to our eyes when our favourite contestant leaves and joy when they win. The Grand finales always leave us at the edge of our seats with sweating hands and a heartbeat that pounds faster than a Bugatti sports car. Oh, we love all these feelings.

Now, the die has been cast, it’s about that time when we gear up for yet another season of one of the most coveted reality TV shows in Africa – The Big Brother Africa Reality Game Show. The very popular reality show is about to hit our screens with even more romance, deceit and drama. The show has attracted and kept viewers glued to their screen since the first season on the 25th of May 2003.

Not only has the show recorded some of the most hilarious and crazy moments since inception, it has also nurtured and channeled the creativity of the participants to greater causes regardless of their progress in the competition: and of course, stars like Pokello Nare from Zimbabwe, Dillish Mathews from Namibia; and Nigerian participants/winners like Karen Igho, Uti Nwachukwu, Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah, can testify to this.

The concept and nature of this show didn’t entirely rest well with some of its audience who thought it rather degrading and appalling, saying it promoted non-African values, sex and nudity and as such it shouldn’t be encouraged but then again, some found it bold and daring and a totally cool initiative – in all, it garnered the needed traffic whether good or bad. As they say, no publicity is bad publicity.

According to Karen Igho, BBA Amplifed winner (2011) from Nigeria, “I know that God would always be with me. I could not defend myself but God defended me because if I had got out of the Big Brother House and did not win, I would have been the most hated housemate in Big Brother history. I thank God for making me win and making people see me for who I am.”
However, some feel the concept is for matured minds as Lukpe, a viewer said -“I don't understand the big problem with airing Big Brother Africa in Nigeria. Decoders have parental control”

Aside from Karen, other Nigerians who have won the famous reality show are; Kevin Chuwang Pam 2010 (BBA The Revolution ) and Uti Nwachukwu ( All Stars) 2010.

Notwithstanding, The Big Brother Africa show has recorded tremendous success streaming live across Africa and also keeping fans within and outside the continent glued to their screens. Though, the reason for its continuous progress cannot be pinned down to one thing: it could have well been the drama, the suspense, the thrill of eviction, the innovative skills of the team behind cameras, the games/tasks of the housemates or maybe the romance and nudity of the show; but whatever the case maybe, it is definitely working.

This year’s edition is about to roll out and from the organizers, it promises to be better with an improvement to the housing facilities such as – the introduction of palm scanners and interactive LED walls, with the inclusion of Rwanda at the expense of Angola proves that the fame of the show has extended towards the sub-Saharan part of Africa. What kind of drama will Rwanda bring to the game this year?

The Entries for this year’s show-down is open to persons over the age of 21 years old in 14 countries: Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
As usual, MNET Africa will be looking out for the most entertaining, passionate and driven individuals who have got what it takes to rise to stardom and of course bring them the much needed viewership. So from us, we suggest that fans grab a soda and popcorn and fasten the seat belt as they get ready to be dazed when the 9th season of the show hits their screens on September 7, 2014. We will be right here to give you the low-down so no worries if you miss any episode folks.


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