Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Story Of A Sad Boy: I Caught My Girlfriend Sleeping Around Shamelessly

I couldn't believe my ears when a girl who's close to my girlfriend told me that my woman approached her to join the league of girls she does things with in the bedroom behind my back, I thought she was just a hater who want me to dump my girl and start dating her. She is very beautiful, so I believe that was her mission.

I was wrong. My girlfriend of over 15 months is a confirm lesby and what baffles me is how she managed to fool me for this long. Whenever we made love, she doesn't show any sign that she is not enjoying what we are doing. In fact, she screams a lot, a sort of sign that she's enjoying every bit of it.

But last week, I opened the door to my woman's apartment only to catch her on top a beautiful girl...
Let me just say I got the shock of my life last weekend, the room was a mess. She and the girl just sat on the bed without clothes looking at me without saying a word. The girl even torched her bum while I was there.

My girlfriend smiled and just say "bro we are being real here, don't take it personal". I was tempted to join them in bed because of their inviting body, but I controlled my self and walked out. She has been calling me since that day to beg me for us to continue the relationship but I've not picked her call.

I'm contemplating reporting her to the police because if I take her back this girl will spoil me. I'm confused.

- Deya