Friday, July 4, 2014

Story Of A Beautiful Woman: How I Lost My Hands, Feet, Buttocks After Injecting Silicone Filler For Big Butt  

In case you are planning having a silicone filler for big, curvy b*tt, maybe you might change your mind after reading this, or save enough thousands of dollars to get yourself a good cosmetic surgery practitioners. Apryl Brown, from Los Angeles, lost her hands and feet and nearly her life after a silicone filler procedure went horribly wrong.

The mother of two was a successful hair stylist who owned her own salon, but had always wanted to fix what she saw as her 'flaw' – her flat bottom but instead of getting the big, curvy b*tt, she ended up losing the little one she had.
Since recovering from the horrific ordeal the 47-year-old has devoted much of her time to speaking out and encouraging others to think twice about what they let someone inject in their bodies and seek out skilled professionals. 

Her problems began in 2005 when a woman claiming she could provide b*ttock injections walked into her salon. Instead of telling her to leave, Apryl, who says she always wanted bigger buttocks, was thrilled and immediately agreed to have the treatment. At first, everything seemed fine but just months after having the injections, the pain began.

'My buttocks started to get hard, and then they started to get discoloured,' she explains. 'By 2006, it was starting to itch and by 2007, the pain started. She had sleepless nights, she couldn't eat, or even concentrate.

  'I literally scratched all of the skin off my b*ttocks. My nails pulled all of the skin off my body. And when my sister came in, and she saw that, it freaked her out.'

  Apryl was rushed to hospital, where surgeons discovered that a massive infection caused by the impure silicone had caused her body to go into severe shock.

'The only end point on silicone injections is removal,' explains the doctor who saved Apryl's life, James Jens Black. Removal when it's not infected or removal when it is infected and about to kill you.'

After a month in a coma, Apryl awoke to a very different world. The drugs that saved Apryl's life had diverted blood flow to her essential organs, keeping her heart beating and liver functioning as her body fought off the infection. But her hands and feet, starved of oxygen while the drugs did their work, had died.

Along with her b*ttocks, too damaged and infected from the injections to remain, her hands and feet had to be amputated. Despite the heavy price she paid for cheap surgery, Apryl says that she's recovering and is determined to enjoy the rest of her life. 


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