Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Movie Producer Caught Pant Down With A 17 Year Old Girl With Promises He’ll Give Her A Movie Role [PHOTOS]

A movie producer in Ghana has been arrested by the police force in the country after the said man was caught with a 17 year old girl, The producer was said to have promised to get her a movie role ,Apparently, the Producer promised to feature the girl in one of the top movies in Ghana.

According to information gathered ,The producer went further to convince the girl to sleep with him to enable him put her name on the final list. The naive little girl accepted his proposition and then went to meet him at an unknown location. After enjoying the girl, the producer didn’t feature the girl on any movie.

This so called Movie Producer is allegedly known for sleeping around with small girls with promises of featuring them in movies. The father of the girl found out about what happened to his daughter and then went straight to the producer’s house with Police to arrest him. On getting to the producer apartment they caught him red handed having canal knowledge of another young lady.

This happens in Nollywood on daily bases…


  1. This is wickedness..he deserve to be punish...

  2. really?? look at this bastard; if you are a man i'am certain you have told worse and bigger lies to have sex with ladies probably even promised some marriage and if you are a lady i am sure you have done the same. FUCKN STOP the hypocrisy. Age of consent in Ghana is 16!!! if she agreed to the sex there is no freaking case here

  3. No mind am, mumu, like say u no dey li eif u wan enta woman, na so una go cum here dey pretend.. shebi na d one wey dem catch? what of d ones which stayed secret even up till now? brother do not judge anyone.