Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meet The Man Who Claim He Can Cure The World's Deadliest Ebola Virus

This Lagos Pastor says he can now cure the deadly Ebola disease.
Announced this on his facebook page hours ago, adding that all that is needed to cure the disease is to lay his hands on its’ victims.

“Several years ago, the Ebola virus erupted in Africa, killing thousands of people without restraint or cure. The medical world was perplexed. A great man of God by the name John G. Lake came to the rescue by laying hands on infected people who were not to be touched.“With bare hands, cleaning secretion and curing every victim, John. G. Lake along with his Holy Ghost filled team, brought to an abrupt end to the spread of the deadly virus. The higher life that put out Ebola in the days of John. G. Lake will do the same through you in your day! At the name of Jesus, Ebola will bow out! Stop the fear! Lake and team are long gone! But I am here, you are here! We can save our world! We have the life of God in us!” Ighodalo wrote in a post on his Facebook page.He stressed that if he and any member of his deliverance team laid their hands on those infected with the virus, they would not contract the disease.“And if they drink any deadly thing (Ebola virus included) it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hand on the sick (those already infected) and they shall recover,” he said.The Ebola Virus has killed no fewer than 670 people and infected more than 1,000 in Africa.It hit Nigeria when a Liberian, Patrick Sawyer (who is dead now), flew in from his country last week.