Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet The Ghanaian Musicians Toping Their Games

In recent times, the music industry in Ghana has evolved tremendously. Initially, Ghana had many styles of contemporary music genres which was probably due to its cosmopolitan geographical position in Africa but these has evolved into a much more modern style. The level of competition amongst the numerous artists in the Ghanaian music scene has seen the emergence of new styles; the most prominent being the Azonto and Hiplife.
However, in view of the numerous talents in the state; we present the top 10 popular Ghanaian music artists. Take a look:

1.     Sarkodie
Sarkodie undoubtedly tops this list. The young talent who was born Michael Owusu in 1988 is nicknamed ‘the beast’ due to his hard punchlines on the beat. Sarkodie is not only the leading hiplife and hiphop artiste in Ghana but also a brand ambassador.
He is the grandfather of freestyle in Ghana and usually prefers to rap in his mother tongue ‘Twi’ in most of his songs. One of the major proponents of azonto style. Sarkodie won the best international act at the 2012 BET awards and his album ‘rapper holic’ got 12 nominations and received 3 awards at the 2012 Ghana music awards.

2.     Fuse ODG
Fuse ODG is another great act from this coast of the continent. Regarded as the pioneer of the azonto style, Fuse ODG single-handedly made azonto an international hit. The song wasn’t such a popular hit, initially, but after the release of the video; it gained massive popularity internationally: more so in the UK.

3.     Paedae
Paedae is commonly referred to as the boss of all bosses or Paedeezy. He is another great Ghanaian artists best known for his swag. He had immense love for football and wished to be an international football star but ended up in the music scene. Paedae is also the CEO of the group R2bees.

4.     Guru
In Nigeria, ‘Guru’ is a slag which mean ‘brainy’; well this man is not far from that. He is regarded as one of the best lyricist and rapper in Ghana. Guru aka Che Chede De has produced a number of hits; one of the most popular being ‘lapa toyota’: a hit song done using the acclaimed azonto style. 

5.     Efyah
Efyah is a Ghanaian female artiste that features on the list of top Ghanaian music artistes. Also known as Jayne, Efyah is not only one of the best female artists but has also a remarkable stage presence making her the best live performer in Ghana.

6.     E.L
E.L is another azonto pioneer in Ghana and credited as one of the most popular Ghanaian performing artiste. E.L is best known for the high quality of his songs and videos. Some of his most notable songs include Obuu Mo: a song that cemented his position as one of the pioneers of azonto and whose video features Henry Harding aka the ‘Papcy’. E.L’s collaboration song with Sarkodie ‘you go kill me’ got air play on BBC.

7.    Captain Planet
Captain Planet is another fine Ghanaian talent that is making waves for the country and himself. Though fond of calling out girls names in his songs, captain planet undoubtedly has created a niche for himself in the music scene in the country. He has produced numerous tracks that have become a favorite with many Ghanaians. He is also known for his classy swag.

8.     Tinny
Tinny was born is 1982 as Nii Ado Quaynor. According to his history, he started off his music career at 8 by rapping and singing in fun fairs and parties. Perhaps what can be regarded as his big break came in 1994 when he started performing in an entertainment program organized at the national theatre in Accra. Tinny has won numerous awards and at one point had his video produced by MTVs renowned director Rachel Batton.

9.     Gasmilla
This act is best known for his club-banging hit songs. Gasmilla has several popular tracks to his name; one of the songs that gave him fame is ‘Aboodatoi’: a popular song modeled after the azonto style of music.

10.  Papi
Considered as one of the most stylish Ghanaian stars; Papi has also produced one of the most popular songs in the country ‘move back’. However, this Ghanaian superstar is no stranger to controversy but is undeniably one of the most popular artistes in Ghana.


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