Monday, July 7, 2014

How Ritualist Made Money with Human Skull

Onwuzuruike Nwakaogwu, a 41-year-old commercial bus driver, suspected cultist, kidnapper and ritualist, has been arrested with a human skull. Confessing his crime, he revealed the identity of the deceased whose skull was found with him as Victoria, adding that he was involved in a cult group popularly called ‘Dey-Well’ at Igwuruta village, Ikwerre Local Government area of Rivers State. The suspect claimed his efforts at getting money from the skull yielded little fruit before his arrest revealing that it used to spew out N10, N20, N50 notes whenever he poured ‘kain kain’ (alcoholic drink) on the skull before reciting incantations.

Nwakaogwu said he went for the head two years after Victoria was killed so that it could yield him money.

On how he came about the skull, Nwakaogwu said: “I saw it in the bush about two weeks before my arrest. I was in the bush on ‘patrol’ when I came across the skull by luck. I know the lady to whom the skull belonged. Her name was Victoria and she was a tenant in our village. She was from Imo State. I learnt she went to steal cassava in the farm and she was beaten to death, after which she was roasted. The incident occurred over two years ago.

“I was not around on that day but learnt about it when I returned to the village. When I stumbled on the skull two weeks ago, I decided to pick it since nobody was in need of it. I took it to my room and kept it there. Anytime I had alcoholic drink, I poured it on the skull, waiting for it to bring money that I could use.

“Since I got the skull, I had been able to get N4,000, but not at once. It used to be in N10, N20, N50 notes. I did not know how and from where the money used to come because I would have locked my door. I usually met the money on the floor in the corner of my room where I kept the skull. I surrounded it with bitter kola so as to prevent ants from destroying it.”

The suspect also confessed further: “I belong to Dey-Well cult group which I joined in 1995. I am an ordinary member. I joined the cult group so that I could get help from other members anytime I had problem. We help one another during ceremonies like burial. That doesn’t stop me from going to church as a Christian.”

The Commissioner of Police in State, Tunde Ogunsakin, confirmed the news saying, “Upon investigation, it was discovered that the skull was that of a lady who was murdered by the suspect and his gang.

“The suspect also admitted to using the skull as a medium to get rich, claiming that the skull talked whenever he performed libation on it, and would give him naira notes in N10, N20 and N50 denomination. He also confessed his membership of a brutal cult group ‘Dey-Well’,” the police commissioner stated further.

Investigations are still ongoing.