Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beware Of Innocent Beggars - Read A Lady's Experience

Read Her Shocking Story Below;

This is one of d reasons I dont like listening 2 all dose innocent beggars. I was inside a bus this morning & a man dt was sittin inbw me & anoda lady begged me 2 pay for him but i ignored him as usual & he begged d oda lady who accepted & paid for him. just afta few mins,dt lady started screamin"my good deed want to kill me ooooo,I dnt know wats happenin 2 me ooooo!I cover myself wit blood of Jesus, bla bla bla" her screamin got all d passengers confused.d driver stopped and pple gathered at d scene immediately & d lady was stil screamin & pointin at dt man she paid for.pple dragged d man down only to discover 2 human heads inside d travellin bag he was carryin.I just pray dat lady survive dis.my dear friends beware of innocent beggars ooooo.I can't still believe dat dis happened in my very presence. am still in shock.dis is Lagos indeed!pls who has car 4 higher purchase?? Stil wanna changemy citizenship.Thank God for sparin my life."Ezebube is involved always""

One Have To Be Careful..... May God Protect Us From Evil ! 


  1. jesus! people are heartless

  2. My sister, am happy for you ... End time is near

  3. Wonders shall never end

  4. Though stuff in Nigeria could be scary but our upbringing taught a lot of kindness and even the Bible, get angry when I read or hear what people go through because of their kind gesture...... God be with us Naija 4 lyf.