Friday, July 25, 2014

Battle of The Hips: Meet The Latest Four "Figure 8" Benders In Africa [PHOTOS]

HIP HIP HIP Hurray. After touring all the countries in Africa with our aim of profiling the four biggest UKWU’s (N.B while referring to this kind of ukwu’s (Hips) you have to use CAPITAL letters. I don’t need to tell you why) in the continent. I must confess to you, this research is very technical and comes with its own hazard. Along the line, we had profiled some ferocious and boisterous (No vex, I just discovered the meaning and I just have to use it even if it does not fit) UKWU only to find out they were either filled with saw dust or injected with palm oil. SEE THEM, shior.

We had to use our enhanced and updated UKWU detector and below is our top four.

1. Maltida Hipsy

2. Lily Corazon
While we were still drooling over Maltida, we stumbled on Corazon. She has been on everyone’s lips after her photos went viral on social media. Corazon Kwamboka is the newest Kenyan socialite in town heavily endowed and does not shy to make suggestive poses. She is a lawyer, having graduated last year from the University of Nairobi. If I ever got into trouble, she will be my Lawyer.

3. Peace Hyde Yea,
next on our list is Peace Hyde, an example of hotties that are categorised as FULL OPTION, 4 X 4 or Four Wheel Drive. Do I need to tell you why?. Peace Hyde started acting at the age of 11 but made her real debut in Ghana some few years ago on the hit TV series Adam’s Apple’s. She already has two MNET movies under her belt, namely Protégé and the Prodigal Son with regular guest appearances on the GH ONE talk show ‘Tales From the Powder Room’ holding her own opposite host Naa Ashorkor. She is also the host of Black Avenue Work’s first ever entertainment show.

4. Tolu Toolz Oniru. We cannot end this list without profiling the one and only Toolz, UKWU 01 of Naija. Toolz was quoted in an interview back in 2012;

My body is very womanly. My mom has this figure so I got it from her. I work out and tend to lose weight on my upper body. I have always had killer hips and when I was growing up, I did my best to hide them. Back then, the vogue was to be slim with no curves. When I was in the UK, and everyone was going skimpy during summer, I would hide my curves in baggy T-shirts’, she said.
Meaning she was born with it.

And here you have it, The Four UKWU benders in Africa. Which one of them is the winner? and did we miss anything? Please let us know in your comments your comments will help us on more research 


  1. na real battle of hips

  2. some women are blessed sha

  3. crazy hips....we can see dem but we can touch or feel them....