Monday, July 14, 2014

3 Year Old Filipino Girl Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral [WATCH VIDEO]

The girl from Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur in the Philippines was pronounced dead at 9am on Friday, 11th of July, and was set for burial at 1pm on Saturday.

Mourners who had gathered for her burial started recording the unbelievable scenes as her family and loved ones rejoice over the miracle. The girl had been declared dead by doctors at a local hospital.

Her parents took her to the church the next day, with family and friends gathered for the burial. It was only when one of her parents' neighbours removed the lid of the coffin to arrange the girl's remains that she saw the little girl's head move. She immediately alerted the girl's father who removed her from the coffin and took her to hospital. It was later found that the girl was in a state of comatose.



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