Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 Minutes With Tosin Igho By Edward Fortune

The multi talented IGHO was born in 28 of September in Lagos. He grew up and went through school both in Lagos and the United Kingdom. At the age of 17 he founded a group called immaculate which consisted of six members and went on to produced their hit song (roc da party) which he also directed the music video for the song which was the first music video to get constant airplay on channel O. three years later he went on to study at a well renowned film school in southern Africa, there he got a record deal with Sony bmg as a member of the hip hop group" Da Pyramid" where he produced the song  "Never be the same" which held the number one spot on south Africa metro fm for 6 weeks, a record at the time. He claims title to producing a track call "Verbal massacre" produced for dj khaled on his recent we the best album. His works include an audio production for two
albums for Sony bmg SA, he directed music videos for faze from plantation boy, IV for Maye, which received three channel O nominations including (Video of the year) received nomination for his own video best newcomer
(channel o awards). He's also directed videos for Dbanj, Terry G, Sammie okposo just to name a few. (Google is still your friend).

His first solo single 9ja boy(I doubt if anyone can even remember that song sef) created an incredible buzz (The guy fine for that video ehn.. e even use girls wey get beta #UKWU to shiw say 9ja no dey carry last.) and was
nominated best newcomer for the channel o awards but lost to a video which was also directed by himself.
Was taking a walk somewhere on the island trying to get over the fact that Brazil was actually flogged by Germany in a very shameful way. Was tryna understand how realistic that was cause the last i checked, na only for PS3 all dose kind #ojoro dey happen when all of a sudden this well built guy with dark shades (even for evening time ooo) pulled up beside me in one of those heavy machines that has four legs... The kind that you need not to be told that it would definitely cost a fortune to acquire. He rolled down his glass and said ....Nigga how far naa.. U just dey fresh...I no first understand wetin him talk cos all d grammar na america tongue him use.. I looked closer and realised it was one of dose niggas that actually first gave video quality standard and den went into thin air..... I just freeze cos dis kind machine wey him carry so..... na only for Yankee films person dey see am oooo... I got in and withing seconds.... d AC for d machine dry my skin and my head just reformat again.... We drove around and made couple of stops at interesting places and by the time i was hooping out of his ride.... i as filled with the following information......

E.F: Who exactly is Tosin Igho??
TOSIN IGHO: Tosin igho is a an entertainment entrepreneur being a musician, film maker, video director and producer he is the son of Peter Igho a former head of NTA and veteran in the film industry.

E.F: What does the Tosin Igho brand represent??
TOSIN IGHO:  The Tosin Igho"s brand represents professionalism. Holding a 4 years bachelors degree in film making, he knows and delivers everything in the right manner, no cutting corners. He also  believes that we have to manufacture an industry run by professionals not one day created fakes.

E.F: Why the decision to move back home??
TOSIN IGHO: Home is where the heart is, plus this is where my skills are most needed not anywhere else. I want to change the film industry in Nigeria.

E.F: Video directing and music, Which one came first??
TOSIN IGHO: Music came first. As a matter of fact,  I directed my first music video at the age of 17 for my first music group immaqulate. And it sparked a light then I went on to direct every video i have featured in since then.

E.F: So far, would you say the Nigeria music industry is ready for your input??
TOSIN IGHO: Its ready right now. When i was in it about 5 years back, it wasn't really ready then but now it is. So much has changed and the audience has an opened ear compared to what it was then.

E.F: Worse day ever on set??
TOSIN IGHO: When i shot Jimmy Jatt's "TOO MUCH". Then the equipment I hired and DOP (Director of photograph) went missing  for 7 hours. Call time was 12pm but we started shooting at 10:30pm. That was a very crazy day man.

E.F: Would it be appropriate to say you discovered Orezi??
TOSIN IGHO: Well i would rather say I had a great deal in his progression and success but I wouldn't say discovered him. We are very close friends

E.F: One thing a good video director must know??
TOSIN IGHO: Plan properly. Preproduction is key.

E.F: What kind of camera does magic or gives you comfort the most??
TOSIN IGHO: Well, I work with every Camera from digital to film. I personally own 2 red epic cameras. I love the look but have a soft spot for the canons.

E.F: Coming back to Nigeria, which are you focusing more on?? Your lyrical abilities or your wizardry on the lens???
TOSIN IGHO: The lens is fore front. Am going to be shooting an etisalat commercial next week as well as finish Orezi's new video. I  have a film in the pipe line but music will always be there. You should also be expecting
an album soon.

E.F: Top 5 video directors that challenges you?
TOSIN IGHO: Wooow. well in no particular order, Clarence Peters,  Unlimited LA, Aje film works.

E.F: Top 5 artist you would want to work with?
TOSIN IGHO : Wizkid, Asa, Seyi Shey and Dr Sid. Also in no particular order.

E.F : If you had 5 minutes with God.. what would you say to him??
TOSIN IGHO: Honestly man.. all i would and all i have ever said was.. Thank You for making me the way I am.

E.F: Rewind time 24hrs.. What would you wanna do differently???
TOSIN IGHO: Nothing really. Maybe spend less. lol

Tosin Igho can be contacted on : 2348077696269 , 2347064344136
Twitterhandle: @officialigho
instagram : @officialigho


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