Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Singers Bracket MayBe Gay

If the news reaching The info Leakers is anything to go by, we just might have our "first" celebrity gay couple in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

 The group, BRACKET, consisting of duo Vast and Smash are said to be lovers and have been for a very long time and have kept it hidden but the bubble has seemingly burst.

Speaking of which, I really haven't seen or heard of any "woman" controversies concerning them in these days of baby mamas and multiple girlfriends by celebrities. These guys escaped them all.

I bet Vast (the dark one) is the man in the relationship with Smash being the woman or "Bottom" partner; if I may say so (lol)

But those guys are too cute to be gay. I wanna cry my heart out. Ladies, are you with me on this???

Can't wait for these guys to confirm this story if its true or false. 

-The info Leakers


  1. They even luk like gays self

  2. na wa know oooo

  3. I don't believe it jo. They are scandal free bcos they behave themselves.