Friday, June 6, 2014

OYA OFF AM COMPETITION (A Campaign For A Greener Nigeria And Celebrating World Energy Day)

"Oya off am" is a slang for turn it off in the most widely spoken lingua franca in Nigeria (pigeon English). The campaign is fronted by Habeeb Salawu (Hybrid Greenergies Consulting Ltd) who believes that the world is currently faced with a global energy dilemma. He believes that there are growing energy demands across the globe and this growth coupled with climate change and the depletion of fossil fuel resources requires an immediate solution. 

This solution is however simple…human behaviour. Human behaviour is at the core of global energy challenges and clearly, the current pattern of human behaviour with regards to energy and climate control cannot continue.While there will be some individuals sufficiently motivated to become more energy efficient in their everyday lives (without monitoring), for most people, some sort of intervention is required. So together with his friends Tolu Iluyomade (Miraton Rose Renewable Energy Ltd) and Teria Yarhere aka M-Trill (IngeniousNG) they came up with "Oya off am", a green energy campaign asking Nigerians to be more aware about their environment with regards to green energy and climate control. 

Together they want Nigerians to be more Energy aware and efficient. With just this change in human behaviour, Nigeria can have a significant impact in

1) Addressing the inevitable growth of electricity consumption in Nigeria (when we save energy, the ones that need it more would easier get access)

2) as well as the reduction of carbon emissions. So, the primary objective is to help Nigerians learn about effective methods of energy conservation through behaviour change and community engagement.

The "OYA OFF AM" campaign is an initiative to sensitise the public to reducing the amount of energy wasted and to continually keep the environmental friendly ideology in their everyday routine. And so to celebrate world environment day, the 5th Of June 2014, with this competition. We would like Nigerians to send us illustrations (paintings, drawings) of what they consider "My Green Nigeria" i.e. their vision of how Nigeria would look when we reach a state of green environmental awareness. 

The competition will run for one month and the best three  paintings/drawings/illustrations will kick off the second phase of our campaign as they would be used as designs for our "Oya off am" T-shirts. The winners would be picked by a panel of top painters and other green energy panellists. 

The winners would also get cash prizes and a percentage of royalties off the sales of the T-shirts. 

ENTRIES should be sent to:


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