Monday, June 2, 2014

Nigerians Own Most Expensive Houses In London

Do you that about 70 per cent of the most expensive buildings in London are owned by Nigerians?

The Chairman, New Nation, an empowerment-oriented group, Mr Charles Dukwe, has just made the shocking revelation. He said citizens of the UK avoided buying houses in the area due to their high prices.
In the words of Dukwe: “There is a street in London; it is called Edgerton Crescent. Edgerton Crescent is the most expensive street in the world. Houses there are worth £3m to £4m.

“British celebrities that have money don’t buy houses on that street. They will tell you it is too expensive. But 70 per cent of the houses there are owned by Nigerians.

“The thing that is missing in Nigeria is compassion. We want to use compassion as a value and drive it through people so that people can help each other in the society. Our aim is to make compassion a core value in the society.”

The philanthropist spoke with newsmen in Port Harcourt on Saturday after unveiling the Queen of Compassion and Kill the Killers Initiative, a grass roots campaign innitiative.

Dukwe lamented that Nigerians were investing funds from the country in Europe and other Western countries, leaving the people at home jobless and poor.

He observed that Nigeria was going through a lot of challenges as a result of corruption that had brought rot to the system. He, therefore, called on Nigerians to embrace compassion and show love to each other.


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